Database cinema - these short films recycle media elements that already exist and are selected from a large database to construct different filmic iterations, that yield alternative meanings from the original film.

hold on (03/2020): A black and white feminine figure reaches towards and away from the camera. The film uses found footage from the Luis Buñuel film Los Olvidados (The Forgotten) and open source images. The scene is framed by a still of water running in a sink. There is a transition to a receded version of the same scene framed by a blurred still from the scene, which cuts to a waterfall moving backwards in slow motion. The audio is heavy breathing and a reciting of the subtitles. This film was made during the COVID-19 quarantine.

hand me down remix (04/2020): Seeking gestures of touch, this film is an assemblage of representations of hand acts mined from digital archives. Made in collaboration with the following films and performances :Syntagma- Valie Export, Commitment: Two Portraits- Blondell Cummings, Hand Movie- Yvonne Rainer, L'Étoile de mer- Man Ray,The Manhattan Love Suicides and Fear of Disclosure- David Wojnarowicz, Gestures- Hannah Wilke, Handtinting- Joyce Wieland,Vinyl- Andy Warhol

the problem of time (04/2020): made in collaboration with The Arrival of a Train (Lumière Brothers 1895) and The Clock Store (Walt Disney 1931), is a commentary on the co-development of the technology of Westward expansion and the notion of a standard time informed by this industry.

Plural María (04/2020): made in collaboration with West Side Story (Wise & Robbins 1961) along with other stock footage, is an expression of the complex position of desiring to start a life as an “American” in an immigrant situation and the self-splitting that happens when undergoing the tensions of assimilation.