a black and white painting on a wall

Growth as Exposure, Mycelia over a 2 week period on black and white photo print, 2023 - Image Description: A panel of mycelia with photo overtaken by bright tendril-like imprints.

This photographic and sculptural work is interested in the degrading of image and text, as well as the the way organisims spread and overtake objects. Mycelium is used for soil remediation in land areas with a high concentration of heavy metals. These sculptures are dried by the sun which pauses growing and renders a state of ‘stasis’ -

a piece of paper with two pictures on it

Chicago in 2 Parts, Mycelia over a 1 week period on color photo print diptych, - 2023 -  Image Description: A panel of mycelia with 2 color photos arranged one above the other, cracked and digested with bright orange and white marks.

Placebe/Placebo, 2020- Mycelium propagation on Inkjet print of Félix González-Torres’ “Untitled” (Placebo)

Placebe/Placebo 02, 2020-Mycelium propagation with candy imprint

On Pleasure, 2020- Mycelium propagation in the form of a bust using pages from Freud’s The Pleasure Principle