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Non-binary Gender Notation

Seeking to further understand gender and identity positions through set theory mathematics and semantics (as well as how it manifests in the unconscious), below is a drafted equation for Non-binary interrelation.

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∞−{[F, M)[M,F)}

{ } :used to denote compound statements, with perceived ‘value’ components, as the binary discourse instantiates what F or M is and what it is not, yet the sites exist in relation to each other .

∞− :not a real number but a mathematical notation used to indicate that there is no boundary in the negative direction.

:the union of a collection of sets, which is the set of all elements in the collection. Through the function of the union, sets can be combined and related to each other.

The notation [F,M) is used to indicate an interval from F to M that is inclusive of F but exclusive of M. That is, [F,M) would be the set of all ‘real’ gender identity positions between F and M, including F but not M. Vise verse.